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Monday, 27 Apr 2015

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Winery Brand Development

Branding - Matching what’s in the bottle with what is on the bottle. Every winery has a unique story and personality that is created by the owners, employees, winemaking style, building structure and more. This personality is felt by the consumer when they step into the tasting room, talk to the winemaker and tour the winery. Developing a strong brand will portray the winery’s personality through branding signals. Branding signals are created with a logo, label, packaging, advertising, and other forms of communication. Vineyard Agent focuses on the story that your wine business is telling and matches branding to help tell that story (without contradictions) that evokes emotion.


Winery Website Design & Shopping Cart Development

Every winery needs a website to stay profitable. Some boutique winery websites are informational, the who, what, when and most importantly where. Other wineries need websites that are transactional so they can sell wine direct to the consumer. Vineyard Agent has cost effective solutions for both an informative website and also an secure ecommerce shopping cart to sell direct to your consumer.  Your needs can be met within your budget regardless of your case production. Contact us or your local Vineyard Agent for an solution that is specific to your needs.


Winery Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your winery or vineyard in a dotcom generation. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising you can build awareness and even transaction conversion from your winery shopping cart. Vineyard Agent increases a winery's page rank in google with fundamental and advanced search engine optimization techniques. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Vineyard Agent can develop a search engine optimization campaign for your winery’s websites. These can include a site redesign, content building, link building, link restructuring, keyword research, social media networking and more. SEO is like losing weight, it takes time and a consistent effort, but the results are worth itPay-Per-Click (PPC)PPC click advertising is unlike SEO because your winery business will get instant results. You can set a budget you are willing to “pay per click” in search engines are other websites that monetize their web traffic. It is important to select the correct keywords and websites to advertise on otherwise you can be wasting money. Because PPC advertising is instant you also get instant feedback of keywords that work or don’t. This can also be very helpful for building your SEO campaign. Contact us or your local Vineyard Agent for Search Engine Marketing solutions specific to your wine business needs.


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